photo: Chiara Passalacqua. 2017

Paula has been performing at and early age. Influenced by Latin American Folk music, Jazz and Pop, Paula brings raw feelings to the table every time she performs. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Performance, with a scholarship in Berklee College of Music, and would be graduating in 2020. Paula has been under the instruction of well-known artists such as Claudia Rheineck, Cleia Luna, Paula Cole, Olga Román, Andrea Capozzoli and David Scott.


Paula Drassinower (Lima, Perú. 1997)  started singing at the age of 5, when se discovered her passion for music. The first memory she has is singing in the choir for a Christmas presentation in Kindergarten. At the age of 10, she won third place in the Regatiada Cultural in the CLub Regatas Lima, presenting Lima de Novia (Peruvian waltz). 

Her training as a musician started as soon as she can remember, joining the choir in school and having private lessons of piano, cello and drums for a couple of years. Even though her training wasn't with professional intention,she managed to stick with the piano lessons, and, later on taught herself to play guitar, ukelele, and bombo leguero. 

early ages


In 2014 Paula joined the choir Voces del Sol, directed by Claudia Rheineck.  As of this year, she started training professionally. 

Paula participated in various events with Voces del Sol, including two concerts in which she was a featuring soloist (IGUAZÚ EN CONCIERTO, Argentina. 2014; MITAYI, Perú. 2015). She was invited to participate in SUEÑOS, in the Gran Teatro Nacional this past year, 2018. Being a  part of this musical family, and under the guidance of Claudia Rheineck, Paula will later decide  to apply for music school in Lima Perú, in the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú.  


photo: Hugo Montes 2015. MITAYI. Lima, Perú

Paula got admited in the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú in 2015, to start her upper studies in vocal performance. There she was mentored by Cleia Luna, the professor who introduced her to the Argentinian folk with the composition by Cuchi Leguizamón (which Paula would make a tribute later on) "Zamba Para la Viuda". Paula was selected to participate in the final concert of outstanding soloists and ensembles in 2015 and 2016. 

In July 2016, Paula attended  Berklee College of Music's "Berklee Latino" program, hosted in the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú. In this workshop she was mentored by Sofía Rei, and later on, invited by the program to audition for a scholarship at Berklee College of Music.

photo: Escuela de Música PUCP. 2016
Paula, Diego Manmani, Rodigo Ñiquen, Marcelo Zenón. 

2017 was an important year for Paula's career, as she received her acceptance letter from Berklee College of Music and the scholarship award. She soon had to leave the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú to start college at Berklee in Fall 2017. Before leaving, she produced and released her EP Pasos al Viento, which was a way for her to get funds for school. 

She was invited to participate in the Berklee First Year Abroad program in Valencia, Spain in the Fall of 2017. There, under the mentoring and tutoring of Olga Román, she discovered her passion for Brazilian music and Jazz, and also enhanced her love and interest on Argentinian and Peruvian folk music. 

Paula was recognized in Fall 2017 and Spring 2018 academically, forming part of the Dean's List.

"Pasos al Viento represents the willing to leave a little bit of my soul everywhere I go. And now that I'm moving so far away from home, I want to share my favorite tunes with you so you can stay with a little bit of me". 


On 2018, after two semesters spent in Berklee Valencia, she returned to Perú to present two concerts: Cantándole al Cuchi - a tribute to a great Argentinian folk composer- and Latinoamérica - a concert that gathered music from Latin America. Paula was also invited to participate in the production of Sueños, from Voces del Sol by Claudia Rheineck, before leaving again, but this time to Boston, Massachusetts, to finish her Bachelor's degree.

video: Leo Cuervas
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