AMELIA is my first single, that is out now in all streaming platforms. I wrote this song when the pandemic hit. I had a sweet potato that grew roots and I planted it, some time later I had this beautiful sweet potato plant growing at my window. It took a couple of days to write this song, inspired by a sweet potato, almost a year to release it. I later realized that this song is also a letter to myself. 

Millions of thank you's to all the people involved in the project. From China to Perú to LA. Music gets everyone together, even in distance. Even during Covid. 




Pasos al Viento is Paula's first EP, featuring four  cover tracks, ech one of them from different artists. 


"Pasos al Viento represents the willing to leave a little bit of my soul everywhere I go. And now that I'm moving so far away from home, I want to share my favorite tunes with you so you can stay with a little bit of me". 

This EP was born with the idea of leaving the people I love the most with a part of my soul, just before I left for Valencia in 2017. Everything was happening so fast, and this compilation of tracks wasn't the exception at the moment. I had no idea the implications that recording an EP had, how complicated was it and how much time it needed to grow and to make it work. But I just jumped into it.  I started by making the art with a really close friend, Chiara Passalacqua, who spent with me sleepless nights trying to bring this idea to life in little time. All the art of the EP was hand drawn, which makes is even special and unique for this CD. 

To have Pasos al Viento with me and with you right now is a sign of hard work between me and an amazing team, that did an amazing job all with little time.  I need to thank tremendously to Chiara Passalacqua (art); Imagine Records (Victor Yaya), Bruno Rosazza, Miguel Nakagawa (studio recording, mastering and mixing); Diego Mamani and Rodrigo Ñiquen (guitar), Marcelo Zenón,  Rodrigo Vargas and César Gabriel Riveros (percussion) and to Gonzalo, Pedro, Naiara and my family. 

Without any of these people this wouldn't had happened.